The Mindset of Mercy

Some call it compassion. Others say it is forgiveness. Some say they have it. Some really show it. But God is the genuine source of all mercy. In this special two-part sermon series Pastor Jon explains what it means to have the Mindset of Mercy. You will not want to miss this fresh view of the powerful mercy of God.

Part 1: Ultimate Mercy
October 25 - 9:30 AM
Two blind men. A woman pleading for her daughter. A father crying for mercy. They all come to Jesus, asking for mercy. Many times we do the same. In Part 1, Pastor Jon describes the incredible compassion of Jesus and how we can embrace God’s ultimate mercy.

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Part 2: True Mercy
November 8 - 9:30 AM

Jesus says he desires mercy not sacrifice. What does he mean? Isn’t sacrifice the ultimate proof of your loyalty to God? on November 1st, find out what Jesus was meaning by showing true mercy to those around us. 

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